Travel Essentials for a Stress Free Flight

TRAVEL IS SO GLAMOROUS OR IS IT? .…..It has long been a misconception that traveling, whether by plane, train or automobile, is glamorous.  Long lines, security check points, long waits and missed connections and even questionable rest stops makes for a good argument.  I only travel for vacation so I always put it in perspective that it is the beginning of my time off and I often find myself excited.  On the other hand, travelling for business?  Not so much according to my weary husband who has been travelling all over the world on business for over 15 years and logging millions of miles.  For him, traveling  has become more of a burden not to mention exhausting.  No matter whether you are packing for business or pleasure, there are some essential items to take with you  to guarantee your flight would at least be restorative and maybe even a little enjoyable.  Below are all the essentials we tend to bring with us for a comfortable flight.

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash for long flights
  • Books and Magazine only because I still enjoy the feel of a book or magazine
  • Hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins.
  • Deodorant wipes, make up wipes and Cottonelle flushable to take to the restroom
  • Extra leggings, underwear and t-shirt (in case of cancelled flights and layovers)
  • First aid supplies – antibiotic cream, a few band aids of different sizes
  • Electronic cords and portable chargers
  • Travel pillow (Still have not found one I liked) but am purchasing a soft neck support pillow and I will let you know what I think
  • Electric converters  
  • Foldable Ballet Flats – Ollio  is my favorite because they are easy to take off  and fold away as soon as I get in my seat

Before the journey begins, nothing beats a great bag to take on a flight with you.  I am not one to carry a backpack because I feel there are too many compartments.  I prefer putting my essentials in various pouches for easy access. I usually get the make up pouches from  Marshalls or T.J. Maxx.  There are many selections to choose from and I usually buy them to store my electronic items, my skin care, my toiletries and first aid.


I could not decide which bag I was going to feature so I chose to put both of my favorites.  For short flights or car rides, I enjoy the Free People Slouchy Velvet Tote.  Not only is it roomy, but it is reversible with velvet on one side and vegan leather on the other and the color blush is beautiful.  For longer flights where one must pack for any type of delay or emergency my preferred bag is the Kelis Vegan Smooth Travel Weekender.  It is larger but it has pockets for easy access of your passport, phone and even a Kindle and inside it has several slots to store more items like a pen, sticky notepad or other miscellaneous things.  Other items necessary to have in your bag are:



Steve Madden Chain Belt Bag

A bag within a bag.  I always carry a very small bag that is easily accessible to carry with me when I am in the mood to just browse through duty free stores or grab a drink if I am waiting on my flight.  I leave all of my items with my husband and just take the small waist bag  with my wallet and phone and wrap it around my waist which frees up my hands to take back some goodies to my husband.  It is also great when I have a long layover, to just put in some steps and no need for anything else.


Earth Therapeutics Therasoft Ultra Plus Moisturizing Socks with Shea Butter – Flights are so cold, which is why I always carry fuzzy socks to put on so  my feet never feel the effects of the “winter” cabin and taking off one’s shoes and allowing the feet to  breath and stretch makes for a most comfortable flight.

_103488034Cashmere Scarf by Halogen  —

There is nothing better than to feel cozy and comfortable even if you are in coach.  I tend to upgrade to Comfort Class when I fly Delta but no matter where you sit, feeling at ease with your body temperature is key.  I have never been hot in a plane and the longer your flight the colder the air.  The Halogen scarf always doubles as my wrap when I am out and about so it is probably the most used item in my essentials list.  It is the right thickness to snuggle and it for some odd reason you are not in need of the wrap, it folds like a thin scarf in which case would fit nicely in your bag.

download (1)

Laneige Time Freeze Sleeping Mask

I cannot say enough about this moisturizer.  I don’t know about you, but I am not about to put on a sheet mask during my flight.  It looks great on YouTube but the problem with those masks is the fact that they carry too much liquid, it is messy to put on in a confined space and at the end you have more garbage in your area than needed. When I fly I just put on a sunscreen, little mascara, eyeliner and lip tint on a clean face and take travel face wipes  to clean my skin one more time once I board.  After take off  I then apply my sleeping mask and that is enough to keep my skin moisturized.  I also drink a lot of water which helps my skin stay hydrated.

61HkZ9MYjAL._SY679_Caudalie Paris Beauty Elixir Eau De Beaute Mini Travel Size Spray Bottle 1 Ounce

Right before landing, I spray my Elixir prior to putting on a touch of makeup and it makes my skin wake up and feel refreshed.

Badger Balm Unscented Balm- 2 oz

Badger Balm Unscented Balm- 2 oz

So the reason I carry this little balm with me is mainly because I have cracked heels and cuticles.  The air in the plane just makes my skin go into panic mode.  So before putting on my socks, I put a generous amount of balm all over my feet and it really does help combat any dryness.  You should see the looks I get when I apply my balm.  I also continue applying the balm to my cuticles throughout my flight.


Henné Organics V2 Lip Balm Treatment Stick – USDA Certified Organic All Natural Unscented Moisturizer For Lips – Mild For Sensitive.

Converting to natural products takes time, I remember many years ago the selections were few and not the best in quality.  How times have changed.  There are so many products I want to try and slowly but surely as I finish a product I am determined to replace it with an organic one.  There has been so many reports about lip balms having so many chemicals and addictive qualities that I had to do a little research which I recommend.  It never hurts to be  a smart consumer.  Henne products have been rated highly and when I purchased the Lip Balm, I was taken back at not only the packaging but by the quality.  It is by far one of the best lip balms I have tried and I will continue using it for years to come.


Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8″ HD Display, 16 GB

If you have read my article on Audible and Kindle, you know I am a fan of the Fire Tablet and the new one with Alexa is one that will be in my Christmas list for sure.  Never leave home without it is my motto.


Bose® – QuietControl™ 30 wireless headphones

I bought my husband these headphones for the holidays and may I say, he brags about them all the time.  Bose makes the best headphones on the market in my opinion, their portable speakers are wonderful too, but that is for another blog.  These particular ones allow you to control the amount of outside noise which I prefer only because it is cumbersome to take off your headphones every time the flight attendant .  And the fact that they don’t take up head space is a big plus for me.

_102005788 (1)

 Slipsilk‘ Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Ahhh, this mask is a lifesaver for me.  When I sleep in my bedroom it is pitch black but when you are on a plane or even in a hotel room, I am so bothered by any hint of light.  The silk allows for comfort and the elastic is soft enough where you don’t feel restrained.  Such a beautiful and effective product.


Modern Kitchen Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

The storage bags are sturdy and reusable which is key for me.  I use them all through my trips.  On the plane I store my nuts and seeds, a sandwich or wrap, chips and vegetables you name it I put it in those bags.  When travelling I purchase single serving sizes of guacamole and humus and pair them  with veggies and chips.  It keeps everything fresh and portable.  Oh and I love the colors.



Organic Moroccan Mint Tea

An article I recently read mentioned that the coffee you drink in the plane tends to have bacteria because the pots are infrequently cleaned.   Even the hot water is questionable on the plane because of the containers they are in.  So the only solution is bring your own.  I love my Swell wide mouth which I featured in my Instagram.  It comes with me everywhere and the hot water stays piping hot from one day to the next and they are pretty.  What I tend to do is go to Starbucks where I usually get my oversized water bottle and ask them to fill my Swell then I put in the honey and two teabags before sealing the lid and by the time I get on the plane I already have my tea for the flight.



Sahale Snacks All Natural Nut Blends Variety Pack

Addicted is the word I use for these little bundles of joy.  I haven’t had one Sahale Snack that I don’t obsess over.  What I tend to do is just buy a large bag of and put it in my silicone bag so that they stay fresh but I tend to purchase the small travel variety packs and store it in my carry on for later in the week.


Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bar

Fig Newtons were my favorite growing up and Nature’s Bakery makes them better than I remember because they aren’t as sweet.  In my flight, I tend to switch from wanting sweet to salty at any given moment.  Instead of going for the chocolate cookies, I feel a little better eating my figs plus they taste great with some tea.


Green Spicy Pitted Olives in Pouch

So as you can imagine, being a foodie, I enjoy having variety when I travel.  Well,  the combination of olives and nuts is one of my favorites. So imagine how joyful I got when I found small one ounce pouches of olives.  Wow, it is a game changer for me. So on occasion when I do have a chardonnay it’s the best thing ever.

Make the most of the flights is my motto, especially any flight over 5 hours.   I try to make my experience as luxurious as possible even if it is in coach.   With my movies picked, my kindle on the tray, an array of snacks and drinks, fuzzy socks and my wrap on with  headphones ready, I can say vacation mode is in full swing.   In Comfort Class we try to get a window seat so it is only two of us.  And if you really aren’t picky about flights, the best times to fly are really early in the morning which guarantees no delays for the most part or leave one day early and take an evening flight.  Yes you run a risk of being delayed but the upside is that you may get an empty seat next to you if flying alone or are in a three seater or even better an receive an upgrade.  I am very lucky that my husband has perks with Delta so we always enjoy the SkyClub but if you are going on a long flight with connections, it is worth paying  $29 per visit for up to two guests .  With comfortable lounges and a bar with premium liquors and finger foods, salads and some even have showers, it is worth the money.  Let’s face it beats waiting in the public areas in cramped seats with stressed out individuals.  Bon Voyage!




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