Plant Based Breakfast Hash: The Quick Way

Sunday is meal prepping time for me and it is truly my favorite because I get inspired and very creative.  The excitement builds up on Saturday when I create my menu for the week and go shopping for the items.  But I have to admit that some Sundays I can't get motivated so I do the… Continue reading Plant Based Breakfast Hash: The Quick Way


Travel Essentials for a Stress Free Flight

TRAVEL IS SO GLAMOROUS OR IS IT? ......It has long been a misconception that traveling, whether by plane, train or automobile, is glamorous.  Long lines, security check points, long waits and missed connections and even questionable rest stops makes for a good argument.  I only travel for vacation so I always put it in perspective… Continue reading Travel Essentials for a Stress Free Flight



There is no doubt that the mind/body connection is one that must be taken seriously and made  a priority in ones self care ritual.  But often I feel unmotivated and usually not really inspired to workout in any way.  I usually get very excited when I  purchase some great products to help me look forward… Continue reading MIND BODY SELF CARE ESSENTIALS


How to Make the Most of Audible, Kindle and Podcasts

As enormous as one can make their music library, some  prefer hearing conversations instead of music during their drive to and from work or while doing housework .  To be taken away by a great story or a 20 minute podcast is convenient, especially if you have Amazon Echo (Alexa).  I usually  have an extensive collection… Continue reading How to Make the Most of Audible, Kindle and Podcasts


Savannah, Georgia

From January to June it seems like there is no break from the grind even though we have several days designated as holidays.  Therefore, taking a quick two-day trip to a familiar place or just a town that offers so many things to do that it makes you want to keep going back time and… Continue reading Savannah, Georgia


Morning Exercise Rituals

I have been reading about the importance of morning rituals.  The hardest thing that I come across with rituals in the mornings and evenings for that matter is the thought of doing it.  My mind loves the idea and then it decides to talk me out of it.  That is one of the reasons I… Continue reading Morning Exercise Rituals


My Desk Arsenal

I don't know about you, but I have my must have products in my desk, which makes sense since working in an office becomes like a second home, especially since one spends 8 hours or more there, the least we can do is make it a comfortable environment.  Pictures of loved ones in beautiful frames,… Continue reading My Desk Arsenal